Everyday Rewards Includes Dan Murphy’s, Temporarily

Everyday Rewards Includes Dan Murphy’s, Temporarily

One of our more frequent complaints around here about the Everyday Rewards scheme offered by Woolworths is that it doesn't include liquor chain Dan Murphy's, even though Woolworths owns it. That's about to change, albeit only for the month of December and only for wine.

Until December 24, shoppers who spend more than $30 on wine at Dan Murphy's will be eligible to earn points on their cards, according to an email sent to scheme members today. That doesn't make it sound like a precursor to a more general introduction, but we live in hope. Check out our guide to what's in Everyday Rewards and FlyBuys to see who else currently makes the cut.


  • Dam, i just bought alot of wine ($220) worth for a buisness present and gave them my card. they said they dont take it…
    that was yesterday
    now i am pissed cuz i wasted so many points, i should have waited one more day…
    but how could i have known?

  • I have purchased at Dan Murphy’s Erina ( NSW )store vine for $183.60 on the 4/12/09.On the 12/12/09 there were no Everyday reward points posted to my Qantas Frequent flyer acc.After a phone call to Everyday Rewards I have been advised to fax my receipt from Dan Murphy with my details which I did that day.After 2 more phone calls and a visit to the store still nothing to date 17/12/09.NOT Very Satisfactory!!

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