eBay Sorts Compensation For Search-Maimed Sellers

eBay Sorts Compensation For Search-Maimed Sellers

Last weekend, eBay suffered something of a search meltdown. Now the auction site is making good on a promise to offer compensation to affected sellers.

While the problems on the site were fixed within 24 hours, that’s not much help for sellers who had items which finished during the affected period. eBay is promising “listing fee refunds, protection against negative or neutral buyer feedback as well as detailed seller ratings (DSRs) lower than 5 stars (for sellers with Auction style listings), and vouchers for buyers of Auction items that were impacted by the disruption”. If you were impacted, tell us how eBay is handling your case in the comments.

Update on weekend search issues [eBay]


  • Sorry nothing for sale, however I was running a courier quotes classified advert that finished at the time, I did get 27 days of adverts prior however the last part usually gets the most hits due to the way buyers sort the finishing next column. Would be interested to read how ebay handles Big ebay fan and I think they will handle well

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