DVD Knife Quickly Extracts Any Clip From DVDs

DVD Knife Quickly Extracts Any Clip From DVDs

Trying to extract clips from a DVD is usually a roundabout process that involves a lot of waiting. Free utility DVD Knife makes it easy to extract clips from any part of your DVD.

Generally, in order to extract a small clip from a DVD, you’ve got to rip and convert the entire movie — or at least a specific chapter — before you can work with it. DVD Knife does away with this lengthy process with a quick, four-click solution. When you start it up, you just open the disc, navigate to and mark your start and endpoints, and click save. DVD Knife will extract the clip (without compressing or decompressing) into a small VOB file that you can then convert into whatever file type you need, giving you more time to actually concentrate on the goal at hand (or to finish up that project quickly and go do something else).

DVD Knife is a free download, Windows only.

Update: We’re getting reports that this software could potentially harm your computer. Some readers have reported no problems, others have detected malware. Do NOT proceed with the download if you have any doubts.

DVD Knife [via Life Rocks 2.0]


  • McAfee Site Advisor shows this site as a Yellow with potentially dangerous downloads. (Proxy-OSS)

    However the download itself was scanned by MS Security Essentials, and McAfee and came up clean.

    Looking at the detailed analysis of teh page from McAfee it seems they have previously had a problem, but the files may now be clean. Proceed at your own risk folks!

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