DIY Bike Trailer And Repair Stand

DIY Bike Trailer And Repair Stand

Riding your bike is all well and good, until you have to carry home more than two bags of groceries at a time. Toby from the DIY cyclist website Bike Hacks has assembled a pretty keen towing package for your wheels.

Toby used parts easily found at your local hardware store. The trailer hooks to a wooden box that sits snug on the rear of the bike. Here’s some of the materials used:

I made this trailer out of wood as I am a woodworker. I used metal electrical junction box covers cut in half to make my plates for the wheels. The fenders are made out of the middle of a piece of vinyl gutter that I bought at Lowe’s. A 10′ piece of gutter was only about $US7.00 and you score it with a utility knife and then just snap it off.

This DIY home project cost Toby far less than purchasing a retail version of similar size and shape, it’s built to last, and it should be able to carry home whatever the day may bring.

Are you so into your biking you’d consider a trailer? Already have one? Sound off in the comments.

DIY Bike Trailer: Woodworker at Work [Bike Hacks]


  • Well done!
    Won’t the electrical box plates buckle with 100 pounds of weight though?

    I’m building a bicycle trailer out of electrical conduit but the thing is so heavy after doubling up on tubing that I’m ready to do something out of wood.

    Nice job!

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