Dell Offering Insanely Cheap Wireless-N Router

LinksysIt might well be a typo that gets corrected quickly, but Dell is currently selling the Linksys WRT610N for $20.90 delivered — less than a tenth of the standard price. Let us know in the comments if you manage to put an actual order through. Update: It's now been pulled from the site.Thanks Ritwik! [Dell]


    I have just put the order through without any hassles. However, I'm still waiting for the acknowledgment email which will be sent in 24 hours but since today's Saturday I guess I wont get it til Monday. Fingers cross.

    Bought one.

    I ordered 1 also

    Also ordered 2. Great deal, thanks!
    Lets hope they get a confirmed order status..

    I put an order through though I have a feeling they'll knock it back sooner or later.

    I just brought 3 for about $60. Thats a $750 value. Hope they turn up :)

    ordered one. awaiting confirmation :P thanks for the notify.

    Just ordered 2. waiting on confirmation :)

    Ordered two and my mate ordered three. Hope they get through :)

    Also just grabbed 2 :)

    Ordered ... not confirmed yet though. That's a great deal!

    Ordered 5 :)

    Let's see how far this goes.

    It has now been removed from site!!!

    The link isn't working for me, and I can't find the item anywhere else on the site so I assume they've pulled it.

    That said, I received my order confirmation for the one I bought. I hope they honour it, I have a really bad Belkin that I've been waiting to replace.

      sorry, my mistake, I received an order acknowledgement, they haven't taken any money out of my bank.

    received confirmation email 4:18pm but I note at the bottom in bold it says..
    "Thanks again for choosing Dell!
    Dell will not be responsible for typographical, pricing or other errors and reserves the right not to process orders based on such errors. Dell reserves the right not to process orders for any other reasonable reason as otherwise determined by Dell."
    Let's see what happens

    I get:

    Our apologies...
    The product you have selected is not currently available for online purchase in the segment you have selected.

    So I guess they nerfed it.

    Hot linking to the dell product page was not a good idea perhaps.

    Dell terms and conditions says that

    2.1 No Contract shall come into existence until the Customer's order has been accepted by Dell and such acceptance has been received by the customer. The contract shall deemed to be concluded at the time and place where such acceptance is received by the Customer. The Customer warrants that it is buying for its own internal use only and not for re-sale purposes."

    I ordered 5 early yesterday for the bargin price of $104.50.

    Received confirmation of order but have yet to hear anymore.

    I bought one.. its sitting in my drawer and never worked properly. I gave up after months and got a different brand.

    aside from order acknowledgements...has anyone heard from Dell?

    Ordered 10. I'm feeling lucky.

      Have not heard anything after the initial order confirmation and nothing has been drawn ion my CC. Not looking good.

    Just tried logging into My Order Status using the Internet Reference Number supplied in the Order Acknowledgement email, and it doesn't work! Have Dell just unceremoniously canceled the order without any further communication?

    Just got this:

    Dear Dell Customer

    We are writing to let you know that there was an inadvertent error on the online store on 7 November 2009 that saw Dell list the Linksys WRT610N Dual Band Wireless-N Router for $20.90.This was a genuine mistake and the correct price is $280.90 including GST. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    While we make every effort to check pricing and other errors, inadvertent errors do occur from time to time. For this reason our standard terms and conditions of sale on the store state that Dell reserves the right to decline orders arising from such errors.

    As your order has not yet been confirmed, your order has been cancelled and we will not process your credit card payment.

    As a gesture of goodwill, Dell would like to make the router available to you at a special price of $229 including GST. If you wish to buy the router at this price, please contact Dell by phone at 1800-810-289 by 8th December 2009. Please note that there is a limit of one router at this special price.

    We again would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused.


    Dell Australia

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