Dell Offering Insanely Cheap Wireless-N Router

LinksysIt might well be a typo that gets corrected quickly, but Dell is currently selling the Linksys WRT610N for $20.90 delivered — less than a tenth of the standard price. Let us know in the comments if you manage to put an actual order through. Update: It's now been pulled from the site.Thanks Ritwik! [Dell]


    Well I just ordered 2 total = $41.80

      Officeworks price match this :) Few people have done it so far.

      I got one for $19.80 ;)

        wow, I thought of doing that, really wish I had now.
        no longer on the dell website.

        good idea with the price match

    Just bought one. Just have to get confirmation of order. Hopefully it comes through!

      just ordered one hopefully it comes through

    Just got mine :)

    Ordered one aswell. I think Dell reserves the right to cancel orders if the price is obviously wrong and the customer knows it.

      Actually, no, they don't. They employ a team that looks after their site, if they screw up on pricing something it's because they're not proofing their site before they upload it.

      Law here in Australia states that you must honour advertised prices.

        the price wasn't "advertised" though

    I have ordered one as well, got email confirmation back already with reference number and confirmed pricing.

    Obviously a screw up and will no doubt change very quickly. I wonder if they will actually honour this price?

    Thanks Lifehacker!

    Just ordered two, interesting to see if they honour this..

    Just ordered a couple, great xmas presents for a couple of people I know that could do with one...

    Just waiting for it to be pulled due to typo :)

      A comment towards the bottom by Joey:
      Was just taking to Dell.
      They said it was an error and the price should be $309! Also that they will not be able to honor the price as it is a third party product.
      A 10% discount will be given to people that have already bought them! Wow thanks Dell!

      So can try your luck but Dell is unlikely to cough up the product, and 10% does not even come close to the best price on (thought it does include delivery)

    Just ordered one, now wait and see

    I was able to order one. Now the wait to see if it is confirmed.

    I purchased one yesterday.

    I called Mastercard to make sure all went fine; turns out $290.00 was charged to my card. Stay away from this one! :(

    I just bought one too. fingers crossed they will honor it even if it is wrong.

      retailing: $263.75 to $373.58

    I've got 3 ordered.

    If they don't honour the price, I will be contacting the department of fair trading (and I suggest anyone else who wants to does the same) as per this article in The Age:

    I just purchased one as well. See what happens. RRP $169 - good saving. I wonder what the catch is though?

    Sorry, I should have said that I received Order "Acknowledgement", not Order Confirmation.

    Just order 4! :)

    i just ordered 5:P

    Order was accepted.....just have to wait and see what happens.

    5 on order.....$105, will resell them to my boss

    thanks guys!

    Yep! Just got the confirmation email - which according to the terms and conditions on their website is when we "entered into a contract".


    Still available, checkout went smoothly, waiting on confirmation..

    Hey can you guys just confirm that there is an extra $50 postage. So the total is about $20+$50 = $70 ?

    I just ordered a few. Got the email confirmation, although i have to wait for the bank transfer to go though on monday or tuesday.

    should be good.

    Man this sounds like a sweet deal. Does the dual band mean that it can serve an N and G network at the same time without compromising the speed benefits of N?

    Ordered one. Also placed bets that it will be the typical Dell bait & switch^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Htypo mistake.

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