Daisy Chain Knots Resize Or Store Spare Cords Without Clutter

Whether you've got a 10-foot cord that only needs to stretch one foot or you simply want to store your cords without worrying about opening your closet to a knotted mess, daisy-chaining your cords solves your problems with aplomb.

Productivity weblog Silver Clipboard details how to daisy chain your computer cords and demonstrates how doing so can be extremely handy for decluttering your cords. Apart from tangle-free storage, daisy chaining your cords is, as mentioned above, a great way to use a long cord in a short space without worrying about eight feet of extra cord cluttering up the space behind your desk. This isn't quite the first time we've seen this idea, but it's a slightly different application, and certainly worth revisiting.

How to Keep Your Spare Computer Wires From Becoming a Knotted Mess [Silver Clipboard]


    The only problem I see with this application is the chance of breaking the wires in your cables, IF you're making your loops too tightly.

    Great idea though!

    Isn't making loops in live electrical cable a dangerous and unrecommended thing to do?
    Something about induction loops I think!

      Ugh.. shoulda watched the video first...
      I'm still pretty sure you shouldn't do this with 240V but for USb cables and the like, good idea.


      I think the risk associated with "induction loops" is where you wrap the cords tightly around a transformer. Someone, please feel to correct me if i'm wrong.

    Yeah......, Copper wire isn't as resiliant as you might think, it is definately not a good idea to do this with a power cord. USB I'm not so shure, I'm no expert, but doesn't doing this sort of thing cause a lot of noise in transmission of data? Maybe you shoulda thought it through a bit more first. Catchya

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