Customise Ubuntu 9.10's Grub Boot Screen

Grub2, the new boot menu installed by default with Ubuntu 9.10, can still look pretty old-school ugly if your tastes don't run with white terminal text on black. You can, however, customise its resolution, images, colours, and other aspects.

An Ubuntu Forums user runs down the customisations he put in place on his own system. Rather than settle for the default, rather terminal-looking text, he upped the resolution, added a boot image, and tweaked the colours of highlighted text. It's a small change, and not entirely necessary, of course, but with Ubuntu 9.10 putting so much emphasis on a clean, stylish boot-up experience, having an Apple II-style prompt appear on a multi-boot system can be less than appealing.

Customizing Grub2 boot menu [Ubuntu Forums]


    What annoys me about GRUB is the time it stays on screen. I'd like to reduce the time it stays on screen to around a second but haven't found out how to do that yet.
    If anyone can help it'll save a few seconds of my life each day.

      you can change the time to anything you want in the menu.lst file

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