Coles Shrinks Online Delivery Windows

logo_colesSmall but useful bit of news from the Coles Online Twitter feed: the supermarket is shrinking its delivery window from four hours to three without charging extra for the privilege. Given that online delivery often equates to "time poor", that's a handy change. (Coles also offers to-your-bench delivery.) [Coles]


    Wow Angus - that was quick. That tweet was still warm by the time you posted it here.

    Yup, you've got it right basically. If you currently use the 4 hour delivery windows, you'll get a better service at the same price.
    If you currently use the 3 hour delivery windows, you'll get the same service at a better price.

    I switched from Coles to Woolworths after using Coles for 2 years. Items kept 'disappearing' from my delivery, sometimes these things were key to my survival (bog roll), so I made the switch. I'd have to say Woolworths is better all round. They also have agreat selection of 'Select' homebrand style stuffs.

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