Close All Windows From The Windows 7 Taskbar

Close All Windows is a simple application that forces all your open windows to quit immediately, and the Addictive Tips blog points out that you can also pin it to the Windows 7 taskbar for quick access.

All you really have to do is download the application, save it to a permanent location somewhere on your drive, and then pin it to the taskbar using a simple right-click -> Pin to Taskbar — just make sure that you don't double-click the application or all your windows will immediately close. Unlike some of the other similar applications we've written about, this one has no interface, but it has a higher resolution icon that looks good pinned to the taskbar. If you are looking for a way to immediately close all your running applications, this could do the trick nicely.

Close All Windows is a free download and works on all versions of Windows, but it will need to be pinned to the Quick Launch instead of the taskbar in XP or Vista.

Close All Windows [NTWind Software via Addictive Tips]


    anyone know how to add my computer to the quicklaunch bar, it always wants to go into windows explorer

      thats cause you can access your computer through the windows explorer icon that's already on your task bar.

    don't do this when you are copying a file as it will quit the copy.

    m'soft, please fix this in window 8 :)

    this was working in XP.
    but in XP, need to right click, then left click to get the focus correct.

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