Camino 2.0 Adds Features To A Speedy Mac-Centric Browser

Mac OS X: Camino, the lightweight, Mac-centred, standards-compliant browser, has seen a 2.0 release filled with features fans are going to dig. Selective ad and Flash blocking, OS X keychain integration, Growl support and much more are now baked in.

Camino's got a lot to recommend it, especially if you're mainly concerned with having a solid browser on your OS X desktop that isn't Safari. Selective site "annoyance blocking" in itself makes it worth the download for those who hate to see pop-ups or jittery Flash ads on sites you can't help but visit, and the list of other features makes it seem like a worthy contender. You can even bring over your Firefox profile with a few changes.

Camino 2.0 is a free download for Mac OS X 10.4 and later. Tell us in the comments if you're thinking of making the switch, or just happy to see a new version of your favourite.

Camino. [via Mozilla Feedhouse]


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