Cabcharge Gift Card Offers Portable Transport Cash

CabChargeGiftCardTravelling for business or pleasure and want to be sure you can grab a cab if you need one? Cabcharge's gift card option lets you equip yourself (or a loved one) with a ready-made taxi payment system for between $20 and $500.

While Cabcharge positions the product as a present, it's also a useful emergency option if you want to head out for the night with a minimally-packed wallet, or want a non-cash way of paying for transport without needing a full-blown business account. And unlike a credit card (which you can also use to pay in most cabs), if you misplace the cards you haven't lost any more than face value. Thanks Dan!

Cabcharge Gift Card Application


    Doesn't appear to have an expiration date which is handy since i haven't caught a cab in years.

    Of course i never go anywhere without my debit and credit card so its not much use to me anyway.

    Can you use credit cards in a cab? Is there a surcharge/minimum?

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