Boozle Hunts Down Cheap Drinks In Your Area

Boozle Throwing a party but don't want to spend a fortune on alcohol? Boozle lets you search by location to find the cheapest provider of a given beer, spirit or premix in your area.

There's not much more to it than that: search or browse to the drink you want, specify the location, and Boozle produces a list of the cheapest offers, including when any special prices expire. In our searches, it seemed to favour big-box chains, but for many drinks that will prove to be the cheapest option. You can optionally sign up to offer reviews of your favourite brew, but you don't need to do that to take advantage of the search. Apart from the absence of wine, it's a comprehensive option.

Found the best price but not sure how many drinks you'll need for that party? There's a simple rule of thumb, or you can use the calculators at 1st Choice or Dan Murphy's. Thanks Ezs!


    No actual link to ?

    This would be sweet in an iPhone app that uses the GPS to know exactly where I am, and then directs me to the nearest, yet cheapest booze... and then it can also book me a cab to go from where I am now, back to my home, at the predetermined hour...

    It's all about the convergence

    Ha! this thing worked a treat! already passed it on to the roomates!

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