blURL Only Shows Tweets With Links

blURL Only Shows Tweets With Links

There are plenty of good Twitter clients out there, most of which focus on making it easier to access Twitter’s many services. blURL takes a different tack: it strips down your Twitter feed to only show tweets which include links or photos.

Sign into blURL and the default view is of tweets with links; click on the photos button for nothing but images. The service is a little rough around the edges — it doesn’t seem to handle extended character sets very well — but it’s got potential for netbook users.

If your main use of Twitter is to encounter other interesting material online, blURL’s a novel way of going about it, though it means you’ll miss out on many of Twitter’s benefits. (It’s also likely to get messy if you’ve blindly followed people in order to increase your own follower count, but frankly that’s your own short-sighted fault.)


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