Better Quality, Proper Remote Support Coming For PS3 iView

Better Quality, Proper Remote Support Coming For PS3 iView

iView for the PS3 has had a generally favourable reaction since it soft-launched over the weekend, but the blocky nature of the picture and a generally un-PS3 like interface have attracted some criticism. However, it looks like they’ll be fixed in the near future.

Nick at our sibling blog Gizmodo attended the official iView launch yesterday and reports that Sony and the ABC are working to improve the interface for the service, including the ability to use a Sony remote to control it. And as for picture quality?

The guys at the ABC are currently in the process of transitioning their video content from flash video to H.264 encoding (running at 600kbps), a process that should be completed by the end of the year. At the moment there are both formats on the iView platform and although the H.264 can still appear a little blocky at 50-odd inches, it’s still a lot more fluid than the flash vids that are still up there.

Hit the full post for all the ABC’s other plans, including reducing the Flash dependence of iView.

Everything You Wanted To Know About The PS3’s iView [Gizmodo]


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