Before And After: The Loft Workstation

It's bad enough having a super messy workspace, but when your workspace is lofted above the rest of your living space and all your cable clutter and your ugly desk become an eye sore something must be done.

Lifehacker reader aloftindenver lives, shockingly enough, in a a loft in Denver. They've been cataloguing their adventures in furnishing the loft — largely by creating their own designs and furniture — at their blog A Loft In Denver. While we'd highly recommend reading over the entire blog, especially if you're into loft living and modern design, what really caught our eye is the amazingly sleek workspace they built from scratch.

The problem, as you can see in the above picture, was their workspace was in an area of the loft that was itself elevated above the rest of the space. Not only did they have a messy workspace with some out of control cables but the entire workspace was even uglier when viewed from below in the living space.

Rather than enclose the space and hide the cable clutter, which would decrease the openness of the loft, they opted to build an awesome workstation from scratch that maintains the airiness of the loft while hiding every cable but a single power cord. Besides the visible, but neatly displayed, cord for the monitors all the other cables are routed through the leg of the workspace and into a closet beneath the office area.

All you see sitting at the desk is the monitors mounted to the backstop, the open desk, and the keyboard tray. It's definitely as "cordless" as a workspace that relies on actual cords can be.

If you want to read more about the construction of the workspace and see step-by-step pictures of the workspace in progress, you can see all the workspace-related entries on their blog here.

Before and After: The Loft Workstation [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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