Backupify Makes Regular Backups Of Your Online Data

Think about how much of your important data is stuck in the cloud. Web service Backupify backs up all your online accounts (including WordPress, Facebook, Gmail and Flickr) so if a service you rely on suddenly goes poof!, you data won't.

Backupify is a spiffy service that automatically performs scheduled backups at one of the 10 online services they support. Supply the login credentials of the sites you want backed up, and Backupify takes care of the rest. Once you're up and running, if your Gmail, Google Docs or FriendFeed account flakes out, you won't have to freak out because all your important stuff is stored safely somewhere else.

Backupify offers Twitter backups for free and three additional premium plans that range from $US3.95 to $US14.95 per month, depending on how much storage you need. Seems like a reasonable price to pay for the comfort of knowing the data you store in the cloud won't disappear into the ether some day.



    Do what service will backup this one when it fails? Wasn't the cloud supposed to save us from relying our own hard drives - and now we don't trust it either.
    I'm going back to paper.

    But buck what happens if your house burns down? Don't you need a backup of your paper? :P

      But what happens to the backup? Don't you need a back up of the backup? :P

    aye..this is backup thingy is gone too far. people tend to be less careful knowing there is backup out there they can revert to. For instance people are now doing things now that they wouldnt have before due to costs and difficulty of having a backup & reverting to it.

    same thing happens in finance..basically all over the place..

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