64-Bit Foxtel Download Manager Hack

64-Bit Foxtel Download Manager Hack

One of the big complaints about Foxtel Downloads is the fact it’s not available for 64-bit Windows users (let alone Mac or Linux). Foxtel still doesn’t have an official timeline for cross-platform support, but with a little messing around it is possible to access downloads on 64-bit Windows.

The 0xF051 blog runs through the steps needed to make Foxtel’s Download service work on a 64-bit machine, a process which involves using a few GreaseMonkey scripts to provide an alternative to the official viewing software. As the blog points out, you’ll still need a valid Foxtel account to use this option. Check out the video or the link for more details, and tell us how (or if) it works for you in the comments. Thanks Peter!

Foxtel Download Service


  • Did not work for me, when installing pop up box appeared for your account/password-of which I filled out but kept saying was not valid and would not go any further, yes I have a valid account

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