Zune Video Marketplace The One To Beat For Australian Downloads

Foxtel Downloads doesn't really cut it, so will it be up to Microsoft to provide a comprehensive video-on-demand system? Nick over at Gizmodo has been putting the Zune Video Marketplace on Xbox Live through its paces, and he's pretty impressed with what he sees.

How impressed? Here's what Nick said:

Here in Australia, we have iTunes, we have TiVo and we have Foxtel, but the truth is that the Zune Video Marketplace is a much easier and superior experience to both of those.

As ever, there's a Barrier Reef-sized caveat: Microsoft doesn't have any ISP deals in place, so actually accessing a lot of video could be pricey (though you can set downloads for off-peak periods). Nonetheless, it's looking like a decent option in what's still an underserved market. Hit the link for Nick's full review.

Zune Video Marketplace Hands On: Oh Crap! I Need To Upgrade My Broadband Plan [Gizmodo]


    Not true about the ISP deals - I can't speak for other ISPs, but Xbox Live content is quota-free on iiNet.

      Actually I think if you read the fine print, you'll find that paid for services (such as this) are not quota free.

      See the comments on the original Giz article for more info.

    Question is, does Zune marketplace content count as Xbox Live? Given the probably higher bandwidth requirements, it may not be.

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