Your Tax Return Is Due In This Saturday

DeadlineIf you're planning on submitting your tax return yourself — whether via e-tax or via the manual mailing in the forms route — then remember that Saturday October 31 is the deadline for getting it in.

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While people using agents can bask in a longer submission period (which varies depending on a number of factors), the end of October is the cut-off for regular salaried employers. Make sure you've claimed any available deductions and checked for common errors, and ensure that you hang onto the relevant documentation.


    actually, there was a note either in e-tax help or on the ATO site, noting that since Saturday is a non-working day submissions will be accepted until Monday Nov 2nd. Wouldn't want to be posting it in that day, though,.

    The ATO says its fine to submit by the Monday. Two extra days to procrastinate!

    As 31 October 2009 is a Saturday, taxpayers can lodge and/or pay on the next business day which will be Monday 2 November 2009 without incurring a penalty or general interest charge.

    And if you've left it this late... what's you're reason ?...

    "And if you’ve left it this late… what’s you’re reason ?"

    What's you are reason? HURRRRR

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