Wrap Your Luggage Handle In Neon Cord For Easy Identification

Wrap Your Luggage Handle In Neon Cord For Easy Identification

Tying a ribbon on your suitcase is old hat. If you want to combine high-visibility and comfort, a paracord wrap is a more durable and useful alternative.

The majority of luggage is black and a conveyor belt at the end of a long trip can hold hundreds of suitcases. You can make yours stand out by wrapping the handle with some neon paracord. It’s a great way to make it highly visible at a distance and add a little padding and thickness to the handle for extra comfort.

Stromedrane, a hobbyist with a love of rope and knot work, has a video tutorial on his blog showing how to create a knot-work wrap like the one seen in the picture above:

Sure it takes a little more time than simply tying a red ribbon on the handle of your suitcase, but if you ever find yourself in need of a few metres of lashing cord, that little red ribbon won’t be of much help. Have your own luggage-related tips or perhaps a great use for knot-work to share? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

Luggage Handle Wrap [via Make]


  • great idea — when it catches on everyone will be doing it!

    but seriously, my problem has always been that the luggage on the carousel is always facing away from you — this being the handle side, unless you pack your suitcase to be top heavy you probably won’t find it any better than without (the luggage usually ends up lying on 45° angle with the top end away from you).

    there’s a market for a replaceable ‘skin’ that could wrap most / all of your suitcase(s) and help protect and identify them with a colourful, original marking / image.

    maybe I should patent that idea before some enterprising person steals it…

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