Wolfrom Alpha iPhone App Looks Great If You've Got $50 To Burn

Wolfram Alpha, the computational knowledge search engine, launched its iPhone application today.

It's a nice looking app that does a lot more than simply embed the search engine in an iPhone app (it's an impressive graphing calculator and stock analysis tool, as weblog Mashable points out), but the $US50 price tag limits the audience to either people with a really big iTunes gift card to burn or a serious jones for a souped up graphing calculator on their iPhone.

Wolfram Alpha [iTunes App Store]


    Why would you spend $50 on a dedicated app when they already have a free browser version customised for the iPhone???

    I love the Wolfram Alpha search engine but I don't think I'll be spending $50 on an app anytime soon. I wish this was available when I was still in school. Math homework would have been a breeze.

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