White Wine Affects Teeth As Badly As Red

WhiteWineConventional wisdom holds that red wine can leave you with nasty teeth stains, but new research suggests that white wine drinkers are even worse off in dental terms.

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BBC News reports on a Nutrition Research study which found that the high acidity of white wines was bad news for teeth, as it strips the enamel from teeth. The one upside? Eating cheese in conjunction with wine could help counter the effects:

The tradition of enjoying different cheeses for dessert, or in combination with drinking wine, might have a beneficial effect on preventing dental erosion since cheeses contain calcium in a high concentration.

The article advises waiting for at least 30 minutes after consuming wine with food, to allow your own saliva to help neutralise its impact. But bear in mind wine can help improve your creativity, even if it threatens your teeth.

White wines 'bad for the teeth' [BBC News]


    Apparently, white wine can also hinder your chances at pregnancy: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,26244330-36398,00.html

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