What Qualifies As A Free Map On A GPS?

PerthBunburyPaying for map upgrades is one of the more annoying but essential features of using a GPS. Australian GPS developer Navig8r is promoting "free map updates for life", but it pays to read the fine print.

Navig8r is offering a free upgrade to all new buyers and existing users that includes the recently launched Perth-Bunbury highway. Existing owners can download the updates from the Navig8r site.

Part of Navig8r's marketing spiel is that it offers "free map updates for life". However, the terms and conditions make clear the limits on that deal:

Free map updates for life are available for only the map purchased and covers only current areas, new suburbs are not included. Customers can purchase the latest map with recently added suburbs and features for an upgrade fee of AU$59 inc GST.

While knowing about new roads in your immediate area is a sensible addition to a GPS, the fact remains that the usefulness of a navigation device is generally higher when you're in unfamiliar territory. As such, if you're doing a lot of travelling, you'll need to spring for the $59 upgrade anyway.

Do you pay for regular map upgrades, or are you happy to wing it when new roads get rolled out? Park your answer in the comments.



    I'm pretty sure this would be misleading advertising. "Free map updates for life" kind of gives the impression that you will never have to pay for a new map update. Seems the ACCC should have a look at this.

    Well, at least it sounds like some part of it is free. That's better than nothing...if only barely.

    The 'free' part is awfully limited in it's scope, though.

    In the case of the perth bunbury highway, I used open source maps and loaded them into my garmin.

    For the trip down south it was perfect - once down there I reverted back to the normal map to get around.

    I havent needed to buy a new map since my initial purchase, and while the detail is lacking in searching for POIs it will get better with contributions from other likeminded people....

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