What Lifehacker Readers Use For E-Books

When we asked earlier this week how readers preferred to access electronic books, we got a wide range of responses. An unscientific summary would be: there's all sorts of devices in use, the iPhone is popular and we didn't give enough credit to the Nintendo DS. But there's clearly still room for a killer e-book reader, though whether that's the Kindle seems open to debate.


    most important thing is NO DRM! If I buy the book I should be able to do what I want with it. If I do something that breaks a law then punish me. But don't restrict what I can do with it or where I can read it.

    DRM doesn't 'allow' me to read on multiple devices, it restricts me from reading on anything I want. Imagine buying a book and being told you can only read it in the bedroom or the lounge room. No reading in the kitchen and certainly not on the bus or at a friends house!

    Whatever the device please agree on and use an open standard (epub or pdf at the moment (okay pdf could be more open)) and no drm.

    I use my sonyericcson P1i touchscreen mobile phone pdf reader, Audible podcasts for books and newspapers

    Awesome! Gotta love the DS :D

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