Use Photos To Enhance A Place Card

Use Photos To Enhance A Place Card
PhotoPlaceCardTraditional place cards often don’t consist of much more than the name of the guest and perhaps a reference to the event. Jazz up your place settings by adding a montage of photos on one side.

I grabbed this idea from Kirstyfest 2009, an event to celebrate the life of the late and much-missed UK singer/songwriter Kirsty MacColl which I attended in London on Sunday. At the venue, each table was decorated with the pictured place card — printed on glossy photo paper and featuring five photos of Kirsty on one side, and the event name on the other side.

You could fit about four of these easily on a standard A4 sheet, making it an inexpensive way to generate attractive place cards for any event. You could easily adapt this concept for a wedding or other venue by adding individual guest names (at this event, it was a first-come, first-served affair as far as tables were concerned).

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