Turn That Old IKEA Lack Into A Drafting Table

LackDraftingIkea's $19.99 Lack coffee table is an iconic site in budget-minded households everywhere. If your Lack is starting to look a bit worn for the lounge room (like the two in my garage), it converts with surprising ease into a drafting table.

Nate details the process at IKEA Hacker, and it involves not much more than sawing off the spare legs (which he converted into pencil holders) and adding a few screws and hinges. For a more technical conversion for the Lack, try turning it into a lounge room PC.

Lack Drafting Table [IKEA Hacker]


    Lol some of these IKEA "hacks" (advertisements) are just becoming full ghetto! Keep it up though it's funny to see.

    I can picture some little geek drafting away late one night when that things comes unstuck and pins his little rib cage to the floor.

    Saw off? The Lack’s legs just screw off.

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