Try Advertising To Find Tradespeople

RenovationsOur modern instinct when we need a plumber, builder or other tradie is often to hit the nearest browser for some heavy-duty searching. If you need more extensive work done, however, it may make more sense to advertise and let the workers come to you.

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In the current issue of home design magazine Inside Out, author and renovation expert Ian Evans suggests that running an ad in the local paper can produce good results:

Work backwards. Instead of searching for tradespeople, place your own advert locally and have them come to you. You will have to check any unknown people or companies carefully, but you can often find good tradespeople this way.

You could easily adapt this approach with online services like Craiglist as well, and it's the basis of WhoCanDo which we've covered in the past. As Evans suggests, vetting is important, but that applies regardless of how you find your heavy-duty home helpers.


    There is a service that does this free of charge andx I have used them with great success.

    They are called and the tradies call you and they work in your area.

    Ditto for, we've found a number of people that way

    Whocando is pretty good and it is free to use. I have used it a few times now and I like the idea that it gives the average punter a little more bargaining power. I've always found it quite painful trying to find tradespeople in the past. This is a clever way to use the internet to make life easier.

    I also used and thought that was a good concept, however only 50% of tradies meant to get in touch did. I ended up finding my electrician this way and he was complaining that SC was charging $5k per year plus a fee for each proposal they send (good business model!). In the end I used a mix of SC, tradies found through google and my network. I highly recommend and

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