Travel Expense Calculator For Excel

TravelExpense Keeping track of expenses on the road is always fiddly. Getting the discipline to enter the relevant information on your PC is something you'll need to work on yourself, but if your office doesn't already mandate an expense system, this Excel template will help simplify the process.

The template is fairly generic, which means you can adapt it to any company-specific quirks. Annoyingly, like virtually all Excel templates, downloading from a browser other than IE is virtually impossible (maybe Microsoft is hankering for more monopoly fines), but if you run up a lot of work travel bills, it's worth the effort.

Business travel expense log [via Inside Office Online]


    What a great idea. I wished I had this when I was travelling last year around Oz. It would have helped me to see how much it did really cost me, with a breakdown of transportation, lodgings and meals.

    Downloaded fine in Opera 10.

    Hey, it's nice to have a tool like this for my Hyundai Excel. Are they bringing out versions for other cars too?

    ; )

    >> downloading from a browser other than IE is virtually impossible ...
    So wrong it's not funny!

    I use the side scroll bar in FireFox to go to the bottom of the page where a section headed "To download this template manually without solving this problem:" is located, and click the "Download Now" button. Voila!

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