Top Windows 7 Booster Apps

Top Windows 7 Booster Apps

Windows 7 is a big improvement over Vista, and a pretty convenient OS in general—but it’s by no means perfect. These downloads improve Windows 7’s looks and functions, and make it easier, safer and more convenient to upgrade to.[imgclear]

9. Bring back the “classic” Start menu

CSMenuStartKillerOriginal post

8. Logon changer customises password screens

Logon Changer for Windows 7manual work-around for logon changingOriginal post

7. Create recovery discs for pre-installed Windows 7

Windows 7 System Recovery DiscsOriginal post

6. Pull up incoming Gmail from the taskbar

Gmail Notifier PlusOriginal post

5. WinFox makes Firefox work with Jump Lists

WinFoxOriginal post

4. Add stacks to your desktop


3. Tweak hard-to-find settings

Ultimate Windows TweakerXdN TweakerOriginal post

2. Make Alt+Tab switching more intuitive

VistaSwitcherOriginal post

1. Install all your necessary apps at once

NiniteOriginal post

What app or utility has made Windows 7 feel a bit more like a desktop home on your system? Which apps from previous versions of Windows do you miss most? Share the wealth, and the links, in the comments.


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