Three Google Wave Searches Worth Saving

After only a few weeks of Wave usage, my inbox is full of waves from strangers and items I don't particularly care about. Rather than archiving everything in Wave, I'm going with the flow–with the help of saved searches.

Besides the previously-mentioned with:public search, three other saved searches are making drilling down to my most important waves much easier.

  • onlyto:me is:unread: This search shows waves that are directed only to me (no one else) and are unread. It provides a much more streamlined view of incoming waves that I'm more likely to want/need to respond to because they're only to me.
  • creator:me -is:note: These are waves I have created and added other people to, which most likely means they're waves I'm waiting for responses on. This view is very similar to an email sent box.
  • is:note: I've taken to using Wave as a personal notebook, and jotting waves that no one else is a participant on. This is probably an outside use case of Wave–its purpose is collaboration–but this handy is:note operator does easily return "notes to self" waves.

To save a search, enter the query, and then press the "Save search" button on the bottom righthand side of the results panel. As you can see in the screenshot, I also like adding a little colour to my saved searches. To do the same, click the drop-down button next to a saved search and choose "Set colour." What Wave searches have you saved?

Three Google Wave Searches Worth Saving [Smarterware]


    Actually, I don't think the notes-to-self are an unusual use-case - that's what I've been doing with it too, as it's like a very flexible instant WYSIWYG wiki... and if I need anyone's input on the notes, it's very easy to add them in later.

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