The Multi-Purpose Living Room

Just because you don't have the space for a dedicated office doesn't mean your out of luck. Today's feature workspace is multi-purpose space that covers everything from cocktails to spreadsheets.

Lifehacker reader mdparaiso lived in a pretty cool but very tiny apartment. How tiny? In the following pictures you'll be looking at most of it. He's turning the living room/kitchen space into a multi-purpose area that fills his computer workspace needs, entertainment needs, and even has room left over for a mysterious door and a reading nook. He describes the space:

I live in a very small space, so I'm forced to "multi-task" my space. On one half of my place, I have my home theatre / office. On the other half, I have my kitchen / bar / library.

My credenza acts as my desk and houses the following: Onkyo TX-SR674 receiver Playstation 3 Apple MacBook 13" Lenovo T61 (work computer) Polk RM-series speakers Samsung LNS4096D TV/Monitor Logitech diNovo bluetooth keyboard with built-in touchpad (Mac version) Logitech Harmony 550 remove Apple Iphone 3G

The space is used about 30% of the time for work. Excel spreadsheets looks great on a 40" monitor (especially when displayed at 1920 x 1080 resolution). The rest of the time, it is being used for gaming (PS3) or random stuff via the MacBook. Everything routes to the Onkyo receiver via HDMI and fibre optic.

Hope you enjoy looking at my play/work/relaxation space.

The Multi-Purpose Living Room [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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