The Average Internet User Spends 68 Hours Online Per Month

According to research conducted by the Nielsen company (you know, the TV ratings folks), the average internet user now spends 68 hours online per month. That may sound like a lot, but it only comes out to an average of about two and a quarter hours a day — something we'd guess many Lifehacker readers demolish. So how about you? 68 hours seem about right? [Nielsen via Mashable]


    Depends if they include being online at work all day I guess...

    Even if it doesn't include work time I'd obliterate that number. Internet addicts raise your hand... *raises hand*.

    they mean a week, right?

    I think I spend closer to 68 hours a day than 68 per month...

    Seriously though, miles has it pretty close, 68 per week seems about right.

    I'd have to say 14 hrs per/ @ work, on iphone and home.

    How about online gaming? Xbox Live still utilises the internet.
    7:30am til 3:30pm 5 days a week - so thats just under 40 hours a week before I even count home usage.
    Streaming TV on BOXEE a couple of hours a night - theres another 10 - 20 hours a week.

    I almost pity the people who can survive on 68 hours a month. LOL

    Judging by their website, they mean 68 hours a month...

    I spend around 200 hours a month just at work...

    Another 150 a month at home >_>

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