Tent Pods And Pizza Ovens: The Spacious Workspaces Of Mono

Today we'll be peeking into the airy offices of the advertising firm Mono complete with awesome workspace pods, cavernous conference rooms and even a pizza oven.

For those of us who have grown used to life in a grey sea of cubicles, it can be a shock to see an office space so spacious that you could have an impromptu roller derby match in it. The offices of Mono offer plenty of space for conference rooms, tent-like workspace pods, a huge kitchen and—one of the more interesting parts of the office—the Heart.

In the centre of the Mono offices they have a communal space surrounded by frosted glass walls. Here they can hash out ideas, write on and tape documents and images to the glass, and even run off a few copies if need be. If it was the set of a sci-fi film, the heart would be where everyone would flee in the event of alien contamination to bunker down and await contact from star command — hopefully someone would think to drag the pizza oven in.

Tent Pods and Pizza Ovens: The Spacies Workspaces of Mono [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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