Telstra Says Its Broadband Prices Will Drop

Telstra Says Its Broadband Prices Will Drop

Every single time we write about Telstra’s Internet services here at Lifehacker, there’s always a comment about how expensive they are. Now Telstra is promising to actually reduce prices on broadband.

Telstra has been charging premium prices for broadband for so long that the announcement by CEO David Thodey that its prices are “out of line” has caused something of a stir. As my colleague Nick put it, it must be cold down in hell right now.

With that said, it’s neither an unexpected or hugely beneficial move. With the looming threat of the NBN and structural separation, Telstra (and everyone else) has little choice but to lower prices on older network technologies. And I’d be surprised if the bargains spread to the Next G network, which would be really appealing.

We’re overpriced: Telstra CEO admits [AAP via SMH]


  • I hope they bundle fixed line ADSL with 3G internet and 3G phone. i.e. Let existing users of ADSL buy a NextG router and access both networks with a shared quota system. Then I will take a 3G router to work, use the 3G phone while out and still have a good gaming ping at home.

    • They do slow it if you are on one of the liberty plans. Sounds to me like you are on a cheap plan, or the 60gb non liberty plan. The pricing for these and over usage charges are clearly indicated on their website, plus they send both a text message and an email once you reach 80% quota.

      However, most people go onto their liberty plans and never have this issue.


  • Telstra charge for both uploading traffic and downloading traffic – where most ISP’s charge for download only. 25gig from Telstra is rubbish when you consider that 25gig from another ISP only charges in 1 direction hence getting the full benefit of the download quota. I can personally upload unlimited data none of which goes against my quota.
    Telstra broadband plans have always been worse than ALL compared ISP’s in value and over priced and lots of extra hidden charges. I have personally transferred every friend and relative I know off Telstra and on much better services at a lower cost with no additional fees for excess usage past the quota. I can guarantee they will never use bigpond again thanks to me – I have a feild day when some poor Telstra pawn tries to sell me their plan. No wonder they are having a bad time – people are not as naive after they get burnt once with a bigpond bill. It’s just a typical example of a large company tricking the unsuspecting public into a 12 or 24 month plan and then milking them until it expires. Customers jump ship ASAP. Most other ISP’s are only 3 or 6 month contracts. In conclusion if you use Bigpond you will pay double over 2 years than what you would from a better ISP.

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