Storage Priciest In Sydney, Cheaper From Independents

Storage Priciest In Sydney, Cheaper From Independents
StorageRatesIt’s no big surprise that renting storage space costs more in Sydney ($800 per month for a garage-sized space) than anywhere else. But it might surprise you to learn that independent storage providers are generally cheaper than national chains.

The data comes from a survey by SpaceOut, the site we featured earlier this month which lets you rent out spare space in your home. One notable finding was the difference in price between large storage chains and independent operators:

Independently owned self storage facilities tend to be priced around 25% lower than self storage facility chains. The national average for large chains for a 3×7 metre storage unit is $389 a month and the same space from independent facilities averages at just $273 per month.

Many readers were decidedly cool on the SpaceOut concept, but if you decide to stick with commercial space renters, at least you’ll know now how much wallet shock you’re likely to be up for. Hit the link for a state-by-state breakdown of costs.

Australian Self-Storage Price Storage Map


  • Do you think the difference in price has somthing to do with security? (amoung other things)
    The national chains (along with some good independants) spend millions of dollars on the most up to date security to ensure my goods are stored safely and securley at all times.
    If its worth storing its worth something isnt it? id rather spend a bit more knowing my goods are safe thank you very much!

  • I think it’s because of the increasing competition on Sydney that self storage prices are getting more affordable for customers. That’s good new isn’t it? Not for the self storage companies though!

  • You’ve got to do your research on the self storage companies in your area if you want to get a good rate for the mobile units you’re going to rent. Keep an eye out for good deals and seasonal discounts too. You can get pretty cheap prices in Sydney if you know where to look!

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