Reworking The Home Office With A Dash Of IKEA

Reworking The Home Office With A Dash Of IKEA

Some people might turn up their nose at mass-produced IKEA products, but it’s hard to deny the impact that having access to a large pool of objects that can be easily configured and combined together can have on your office.

Lifehacker reader Aaronth recently redesigned his home office to decrease the size of his desk and simultaneously make room for his wife to work with him. Thanks to some wrangling and recombination of IKEA products, he has a appealing and functional workspace:

In order to do some space saving in the apartment I decided to ditch the large expanse of glass that used to be my workstation for something with a little less of a footprint.

The desktop is actually made from two 46″ Ikea countertops with a 3-drawer Malm dresser for a centre support and 2 adjustable legs on each end…also from Ikea. This setup provides not only a footprint that doesn’t stick 3.5 feet off the wall like my old desk, but also lengthens the desk so that my wife could also ditch her old one (which was just as large as my glass-topped-gargantuan).

The central set of drawers also hides cables really well without much hassle (just shove ‘em back there!) and of course gives you tons of storage. We’ve also used an Ikea shelf with 4 legs to get a little more space on the desktop.

Click on the image above and the image below for a closer look at Aaronth’s workspace:

Reworking The Home Office with a Dash of IKEA [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


  • This article proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a stylish, functional home office. Spend less on your home office furniture and you can invest more in technology. Nice-looking office. Great job.

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