Remember To Fix Your Tech For Daylight Saving

Daylight saving kicks off on Sunday October 4 (everywhere except Queensland, WA and the NT). Don't forget to adjust the time on the tech floating around your home first thing on Sunday morning.

Any properly-patched operating system should handle the change automatically, but it's worth double-checking, and ensuring that next week's appointments aren't suddenly totally out of whack. Don't forget other devices like PVRs and mobile phones — both can potentially get time updates from their respective networks, but it isn't necessarily a given. Non-curtain-fader state residents should also check, just in case their devices decide to move into a daylight-saving-favouring mode.


    Sorry say that again? Sunday October 1st of 2017 did u say? hehe

    Did you mean Sunday 4th? Or did I work an extra hour yesterday?

    There is an error in the date. It should read "Sunday October 4" instead of "Sunday October 1 "

    October 1st? Don't you mean October 4th?

    Sunday October 1 hey?

    OK, now i am really confused....what day is it? :P

    Sunday the 4th October :D

      Yep, you're all right and I'm all wrong -- clearly been pecked in the head by too many magpies today! Fixed now.

    I've never lived in a daylight savings place, so how does it feel like changing the clock twice a year?

      It's pretty annoying having to turn your clocks forward, only to turn them back six months later.

    Hopefully South East Queensland soon too! We are well overdue to join the Southern States with DST.

    Daylight saving kicks off on Sunday October 4 (everywhere except 77% of the country)! =)

    I am in Brisbane. So what time will it be in Sydney when it is 10am in Brisbane?

    This article does not even tell us any real information about if they are adding an hour or subtracting an hour.

    Thanks for the reminder, but please tell us what is actually going to happen with the time. Some examples would be great.

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