Performance Tests Show Windows 7 "Marginally" Faster Than Vista

Windows 7 will officially be released on October 22, but PC World has already given the new operating system a side-by-side spin with Vista and concluded that it's only "marginally faster" than its older sibling.

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In their performance test, the site "found an increase in speed, though the overall improvement [over Vista]wasn't dramatic". One area where 7 did see significant improvement over Vista was in disk performance.

For example, in our hard-disk-intensive WorldBench 6 Nero test—in which we create a series of images of an optical disc and then save them—every PC we tested showed an improvement [in Windows 7] . In our comparison of the 64-bit versions of Vista and Windows 7, the IdeaPad Y530 performed the test twice as quickly with the newer OS. Meanwhile, our Gateway T-6815 was almost two and a half times faster, going from a time of 1648 seconds to complete the test on Windows Vista to a time of 667 seconds on Windows 7.

As for boot-up and shutdown speeds, the tests saw mixed results—depending on the hardware used, sometimes Vista booted faster, other times Windows 7 did.

Browse the full post for the complete results. Despite PC World's tests, most new Windows 7 users at least perceive speed improvements over Vista, which is what most users will care about anyway. If you've been using Windows 7 RC or Beta, let's hear what you've felt about its relative speed in the comments.

Windows 7 Performance Tests [PC World]


    FYI - A speedup in disk will probably improve perceived performance outside synthetic benchmarks where memory is generally "hot" or recently used. When paging happens, the disk is the key limiting factor, so if paging takes less time, the process pauses for less time.

    boot, shutdown appstartup, and HDD timing does not constitute an OS performance comparison.

    There is nothing remotely real-world about any of the tests linked. I'm a bit dissapointed by lifehacker TBH.

    This is because really, vista *wasn't that slow*. Perception makes up for a lot.

    what we need is a compelling reason to move from XP..

      How about that Windows XP is 8 years old and will soon no longer feature on the supported OSes on new software?!

    Windows 7 SEEMS faster. Numbers can't measure just how much nicer it is than both Vista and XP. It behaves like an OS should.

    Windows 7 was never meant to BE faster than Vista. Yes, perception is a key factor, but Windows 7 was only meant to FEEL faster than Windows Vista. Actual tasks do not see too much of an improvement, speed-wise

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