Optus My Wireless Plans Shrink After 12 Months

Optus My Wireless Plans Shrink After 12 Months

Optus has revised its 3G broadband plans with increased download capacities and lower excess usage fees, but there’s a weird twist: after 12 months, the download limit for the plans is cut in half.

Optus argues that this approach means customers can pick the most appropriate plan after using the plan for a year and judging their data use. To be honest, that sounds a tad disingenuous: experience suggests no-one’s usage goes down over time. And as ever, Optus’ iffy network also needs to be considered.

With all that on board, the plans still offer reasonable value for casual surfers. $15 gets you 1GB a month in the first year, while the $55 plan includes 7GB per month. (You’ll also need to pay between $99 and $199 for the modem of your choice.) Excess usage is charged at 6 cents per megabyte, a major drop on the previous 15 cent charge.

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