OpenDNS Deluxe Adds Deeper Controls And Email Support

We've written many times about the benefits of pointing your router to OpenDNS instead of your ISP's ad-shoving re-direct service. OpenDNS now offers a $US10-per-year Deluxe version that offers whitelist-only surfing, customised block pages, and one year of surfing stats.

We dig the free version of OpenDNS because it speeds up surfing, filters naughty content for kids and protects against notable malware. If you're a fan who wants a little more leeway than the free version provides—more whitelist/blacklist slots, a year's worth of surfing and net use logs, a password-protected way around your own "block page," and more—then Deluxe is probably worth the Super Value Meal with Shake cost of $US9.95/year.

Even if you're not an OpenDNS super-user, the Deluxe package removes all advertising from your page-not-found results. There's also an Enterprise edition, but we're guessing you're not the one who makes the $US2000/year call on that kind of package.

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    Be aware the using OpenDNS instead of your ISPs DNS can break unmetered traffic zones (eg. iiNet's freezone), causing what you would think to be unmetered traffic, to instead be metered
    also, because OpenDNS is based in the USA, using it will cause ABC's iView to not work as OpenDNS will direct you to a USA host, and not an australian one (iView is hosted on Akamai, and it will route you to the 'right' server based upon the DNS lookup)

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