Open Spaces And Ambient Lighting

One normally doesn't associate pre-teens with sophisticated workspace design and a firm grasp of programming languages, but there's a first time for everything.

Click on the image above for a closer look.

Today's featured workspace was pleasing enough for our workspace selecting gnomes to hone in on it completely independent of one of the most interesting aspects. It belongs to 12-year-old Brandon Wang, who taught himself HTML at age eight and progressed through PHP, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery from there. From the description of his workspace picture:

This is the current desktop setup I use. I find it's very usable and all the lighting you see in the photo (minus the desk lamp sticking out to the left) was only fifty dollars added together.

Coolest part is the IKEA Dioder LED strips. There are two behind the monitor (stuck on diagonally in an upside-down V shape), one under the desk for keyboard lighting, and one hanging down from the top of that vase-shaped lamp.

The reason for a LED strip under the lamp is that the lamp seems to block off the light to the top part of it because of its shape. To compensate, I dangle a LED strip over the top and route the wire through it and to the bottom.

On the desk there's a Harmon/Kardon 2.1 speaker set, a 24-inch SyncMaster P2570 screen, a generic work lamp, and an Upek Eikon fingerprint reader. The keyboard is a Kensington SlimType (a joy to type with) and a Logitech MX wireless mouse.

The entire setup is powered by my HP computer. Out of this picture to the right is another desk (my dad's) with a 22-inch screen and a HP computer... other than that, there's nothing much to tell.

(Lifehacker editors: if I do get picked for feature on the website (YIPPEE) then it'd be nice to have a mention that I'm a 12-year old (shh) "web designer" with a website at

Our hats off to Brandon for not only having a great workspace but having the programming-fu of a geek twice as old and then some.

Open Spaces and Ambient Lighting [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    I have to say. Nice workspace. Just wish I could keep mine that tidy. Awesome websites too. My dad's been doing it for 20 or so years and he would most definitely envy you in that respect.

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