New Wi-Fi Tech To Turn Every Gadget Into A Wi-Fi Access Point

BusinessWeek reports that by the middle of next year, a new Wi-Fi technology called Wi-Fi Direct will turn enabled gadgets into access points "able to create wireless connections with other Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets or broadband modems within a radius of about 300 feet [90 metres] ".

Even better: "Owners of most existing Wi-Fi-enabled devices will be able to upgrade to Wi-Fi Direct with a simple software download." Blankets of peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connections, here we (hopefully) come. The new technology will be released by members of the Wi-Fi Alliance, a group consisting of companies like Intel, Cisco, Apple and about 300 other hardware makers. [BusinessWeek]


    I wonder how exactly this differs from Ad-hoc mode that has existed ~forever?

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