Never Leave Things At A Friend's House Again

Chinese takeout, a pile of DVDs, your Xbox 360 — whatever it is that you don't want to leave behind, make it impossible to forget with this simple memory trick.

Photo by Dan4th.

Over at the parenting blog Parent Hacks, they've shared an excellent reader tip to help you remember to always take leftovers, or anything else stashed away out of sight and mind, with you on your journey home:

When my sister and I were younger, sometimes my parents would have to store items in the fridge at someone's house when we went to visit (such as medicines or milk). To keep from forgetting these items when they left, my dad would leave his keys in the fridge next to the item. That way, he wouldn't forget the items in the fridge as he needed his keys to drive home. You probably could do the same at work or school to make sure you don't leave leftovers overnight in the fridge.

You won't get much farther than the driveway without returning to claim your rightful share of the Moo-Shu Pork. Have your own tricky memory hack? Let's hear it in the comments.

You Won't Forget Your Items Stored in a Friends Fridge if You Toss Your Keys in as Well [Parent Hacks]


    Do modern car keys with electronics inside em survive okay in the fridge or freezer?

    Put in on top of the fridge then?

      modern car keys do survive in fridges fine. the freezer might be a different story. folks at work do their grocery shopping at lunchtime and leave the keys in the fridge with the groceries.

    i put something out of the ordinary, could be my keys and wallet sitting in a tower next to my morning alarm, or folding a mirror in my on car as i walk away knowning i need to remember something later so far i have always been able to remember what ever it was once prompted by my past self, although sometimes it does feel like i am living in the movie memento ...

    The keys trick is an old one, I always put my keys with something I have to remember, or if it's paperwork like a letter to post I fold my wallet over it so I have to pick it up.

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