Music And Jewellery Dominate Sales

NameTheArtisteBay is celebrating 10 years operating in Australia this week. The big giveaway for consumers was the free listing day earlier this week, but some data on eBay's most popular local categories also offers food for thought for bargain hunters and garage sale clearouts.

According to eBay, the top four categories for items sold in those ten years are:

Music CDs with 1,012,111 items sold Women’s jewellery with 992,488 items sold Women’s dresses (size 6-10) with 747,000 items sold NRL trading cards with 349,000 items sold

What can we conclude from this? Firstly, that digital music hasn't totally killed the CD market (you get bonus points if you can name the pictured music artist). Secondly, that we're not quite as fat as we might think. Thirdly, that NRL fans are more active card traders (whether that means they are more or less enthusiastic is an open question).

If you're planning to sell an item that falls into these categories, then you probably shouldn't expect to make a fortune: with that much competition, there's always going to be another choice if items are overpriced.


    lol I think that's Paul Gray from 80's Aussie band Wa Wa Nee!
    And the CD is not dead! I've bought about 200+ CDs off eBay in the last two years, since the shops have started reducing their CD stock, online is the best place to go.
    And, yes, I do have the Wa Wa Nee CDs. :-)

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