More Windows 7 Shortcuts

As Windows 7 nears its October 22 release, shortcuts for the operating system continue to emerge. Here's some more ways to manipulate Windows 7's revamped environment.

Lifehacker reader Chris Leong pointed us towards a handful of tricks that haven't yet featured in Lifehacker's Windows 7 tips, most of which he found on a long list at Neowin:

  • Control-Click will take you directly to the last window opened.
  • You can access the taskbar right-click menu from earlier Windows versions by using Shift-right click, or right-clicking on a preview
  • Windows-G will bring your gadgets to the forefront.

For more Windows 7 tricks, try shift-dragging to open files and adding a recycle bin to the taskbar. Thanks Chris!

Windows 7 tips and tricks [Neowin]


    Control-Right Click will take you directly to the last window opened - this should actually be just Control-Click, I made a typo in the email I sent in

      D'oh! (on my part) Fixed now.

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