Mobile Phone GPS Rules Still Highly Confusing

If there's one thing that can be said about the rules surrounding whether you can use a mobile phone GPS in your car, it's this: they're not at all clear.

The latest twist is that Victoria has decided to abandon plans to make phone-based GPS devices illegal, and instead allow them provided the device is in a cradle and isn't being used for other visually distracting activities like texting or watching video. Cade Lucas at The Age notes that the new rules, which apply from November 9, will carry a steep $234 fine if the requirements are ignored.

As Nick over at Gizmodo points out, the decision seems like a victory for common sense, but that doesn't mean the same rational approach will apply nationally. That said, if your phone is in a cradle, you should at least have a case to argue in other states.

VicRoads backdown on mobile GPS ban The Age [via Gizmodo]


    So..... you can have a 7" GPS stuck to the middle of the windscreen but if you have a 1.5" boost gauge mounted on your a-pillar you'll be defected and forced to remove it.

    YAY for Australia's archaic legal "system".

    Hallelujah for common sense.

    Gotta say, I'm still annoyed that you need completely hands-free operation for a mobile phone in a cradle, with hands-free speakers & mic. I can't see why touching the phone once to answer a call would be any more dangerous than adjusting the heat setting, changing the radio station, turning on windscreen wipers etc. But overall, nice one Victoria for mixing common sense with sensible safety laws.

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