Microsoft's Messy WA Daylight Saving Fix

PerthThose Australian states which follow daylight savings have already made the switch, but Western Australia this year decided not to continue with a test of daylight saving. That might be good news for Perth curtains, but it means a bit of messing around with settings for Windows-using WA residents.

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Because Microsoft had earlier assumed that WA would return to daylight savings on October 25, patched systems will try and change over on that date. Microsoft has promised a permanent patch to fix the problem, but it won't be released until January 7 2010. In the meantime, automatic daylight savings adjustments need to be switched off. Hit the link for full details.

Updated daylight savings for Australia


    Actually, I think curtains don't care what time of day it is - whether with or without daylight savings, curtains are still getting the same amount of exposure to the sun.

      David, It's an old running joke about why, inexplicably, WA won't accept daylight saving. The people voting against it think it will make their curtains fade more quickly while the farmers think the cows will get confused when it comes to milking time.

    This is a real pain for me, now I have to go around to each computer and turn DST off. Great job there MS, assuming the outcome of a referendum.

      Well what if Microsoft didn't assume anything and just let the users turn DST on by themselves. Then everybody with DST will have to go around to each computer and turn DST on.

      They have to do something, live with it.

    >Great job there MS, assuming the outcome of a referendum.

    Whatever decision it made, it was assuming the outcome of a referendum. Going with national consistency is certainly a sensible assumption to make if you have to make one.

    hmmmm. Microsoft's site says differently.

      I've not had any automated DST changes on any of my systems. Maybe I'm lucky. (I do live in WA, after all.)

        Actually, scratch that. Looks like the DST *is* set to adjust this weekend. Thanks for the heads-up.

      What's different? Your link is the tech link from Microsoft's main info link provided in this article.

    WA. 3 hours and 30 years behind the Eastern States.

      If anything they are probably 30y-3h (29years, 364days and 21hours or so) in front, daylight saving sucks (as do timezones it makes programming multi timezone applications a real PITA). i cant wait till DLS is abolished all over the world.

    Microsoft probably didnt know WA's reputation for voting NO to everything until its forced on them then we relish it. I remember people didnt want 24 hour petrol stations because they wouldnt make any money being open 24 hours, lol.

    I am having issues with the workaround that MS have advised but in no way is this a MS issue. The WA Govt rushed this ruling when it first started and we were lucky MS did anything at all. Doesnt help me with my issue but next time it would be nice if the Govt actually thought what impact it would have before rushing something through!

    The fix is easy, in australia DST in not needed in summer, it is light enough until about 830 pm as it is, DST would work better in Winter than summer.

    I lived in the UK for four years and with DST in summer it was light until 1030pm and the sun was coming up at around 0330.

    DST is only really needed in countries of relativly high latitudes

    January 2010 for a patch? It's not as if this has been sprung on Microsoft with no warning - even their technet article on the 28th of September said the referendum on the 16th of May said NO,so they have had 4 months up to the article and 5 months to the change over date to do something about it.

      It is holiday season. Getting anything done in the US between Thanksgiving and New Year is about as productive as getting anything done in Oz between mid December and end of January.

      MS would also be testing patches for XP, Vista and Win7.

    so is the only solution here to change the 'automatic daylight savings' checkbox?
    This puts all outlook calender appointments out by 1 hour, is there any fix for this?

    Without getting into a pro/con daylight savings debate, yes it is easy to just turn off the daylight saving setting on my computer. problem is now all the times in my calender have changed by 1 hour.
    I have to go through and change the times on every meating or schedule set from now to march not only on my computer but every other one in the work shop.

    Grumble Grumble.

    Funny that Microsoft won't release an Update to solve the problems with Outlook until next year… yet in order to get phones that plug into PC's to work properly they bury the workaround in their support site, available Now!!! And easier to install that the “hot fix” they told me of, when I phone them last week.

    It comes down to; if it is not broken, don’t fix it. To be truthful on the matter as a W.A resident I would rather vote on splitting Australia into two separate countrys, eastern states might just say otherwise due to WA being a high contributor to the countrys economy, (40% of mineral & gas export). Daylight savings isn’t needed! It got voted out, forget about it. If though it is that important in the eastern states let’s see how you get on without us!

    This is so true! Then there are states like AZ that don't osverbe it, why why why? Why must we still spring forward and fall back, its a pain in the you know what!!!

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