Making The Best Of Student Life: Dual Screens And Skimboards

Boarding rooms can be constricting in more ways than just cramping your workspace-fu. Today's featured workspace manages to make bland dorm furniture functional.

Lifehacker reader Chickennakatsu describes his current setup:

This is my dorm room. I'm an RA, so I have my own room. The TV used to be my monitor for my computer, but I decided to get some dedicated monitors. I got it when I was in a smaller room, and since it was my monitor, I opted to not get a bigger size. I wish I had something bigger now though, I think a 32" would be perfect, but I'm not complaining.

I'm a photographer, and so the dual 19" widescreens are extremely nice. I will never go back to a single monitor again. I can also hook my computer up to the TV and use it to watch movies or whatever. There's two sound systems. I have an Onkyo 5.1 system that I have hooked up to my computer, TV, and DVD player. I also have a Creative 2.1 system hooked up to my computer.

My computer is raised up on the subwoofer for my Onkyo system because if the power ever goes out, my mini fridges would defrost and flood my room (it has happened before). I had to make do with what I got. All the power outlets are over on the right side of my room, which is kind of a pain. Also, I don't get much say as far as furniture or paint goes.

The moral of the story kids is always be thankful for the technology you have access to. I went to uni with a 30kg 17-inch CRT monitor that took up most of my desk and wouldn't have even fit on Chickennakatsu's desk because of the hutch. Thanks to those dual flat-panel monitors that hutch space can be used to store external hard drives and other peripherals out of sight.

For more pictures of today's workspace check out the gallery here. For photo notes, hop into the workspace pool at the link below.

Making the Best of Dorm Life: Dual Screens and Skimboards [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    Awesome room, love to see the skim board, I am from a big surf town in Bay Head, NJ. DUAL MONIOTORS!! I just got my self a 32" and am loving it. One question... you obviously have the hook up on all the electronics, but where do you sit when watching movies on you big screen with surround sound? Please don't say you sit in that awful desk chair like every other student!

    [email protected]

    On the bed?

    Putting such a large Japanese flag in your room? Are you a wapanese/weaboo, another white guy obsessed with Japan? ; )

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