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  • Lifehacker's Complete Guide To Windows 7 Windows 7 officially launches today, but we've been testing, tweaking, customising, fixing, and writing about this OS for a year now. We present here a guide to everything we've learned about the OS, from first install to final settings change.
  • The Most Useful Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts
    Using a web browser might seem like a naturally mouse-centric activity, but a handful of keyboard shortcuts can make all the difference to your productivity. Here’s the five handiest keyboard shortcuts for Firefox.
  • Prep Your PC For Windows 7 When Windows 7 drops this Thursday, you can either spend many, many hours watching a progress bar, or you can boot into a clean, speedy system with that new-OS smell.
  • FolderSize Displays What's Eating Your Hard Drive Space (Windows) Free portable application FolderSize quickly analyses the contents of any hard drive or specific folder on your computer to help you hunt down your hard drive hogs and free up space.
  • Finding Accommodation In A Real Hurry
    It’s my ultimate travel nightmare — arriving in a busy location at 2pm to discover that the hotel room booking never came through. What’s the best way to deal with that issue?
  • Five Best Software Update Tools Rather than wait around for your software to notify you of updates (let's face it, a lot of applications never will), these five handy tools keep an eye on your apps, alert you when an update's available, and streamline the updating process.
  • Ubuntu 9.10 Release Candidate Available For Download (Linux) The more stable, heavily bug-fixed Release Candidate of Ubuntu 9.10 is available for download, for anyone already using the beta or who can't wait 6 more days to see how the Linux OS looks and feels.
  • Common Mistakes On Tax Returns
    Submitting your tax return via an agent or accountant and want to make sure there’s no mistakes? The Australian Taxation Office has produced a list of common errors made by agents, worth double-checking before you sign off your return
  • Top 10 Time-Saving, MacGyver-Style Cleaning Tricks Very few people truly enjoy spending time cleaning, and fewer still love buying expensive cleaners for every little task. Here's a handful of clever, time-saving DIY substitutes for common household cleaning jobs.
  • Windows 7 Recovery Discs Gets Your System Out Of Tight Spots (Windows 7) If you run into a boot-up error with Windows 7 and don't have a recovery disc handy, you're usually in for some manic fiddling, or you're just out of luck. NeoSmart's recovery discs, however, can set things right.
  • Do You Need A TV More Than A Fridge?
    The fridge is a staple of modern life, but a typo has got me wondering if it’s really a necessary item. Could you live a fridge-free life more easily than one without a TV?
  • WinX DVD Author (And Ripper) Available For Free For A Limited Time, Regularly $US29 Windows only: WinX DVD Author is a shareware application that converts and burns most popular video formats directly to DVD, and it's available for free during the month of October.
  • Is A Cross-Platform GTD Task Management App (Windows/Mac/Linux) is a free, attractive, cross-platform task management application built on the principles of productivity guru David Allen's Getting Things Done. It syncs to the web, it's easy to use, and soon it'll sync to your phone, too.
  • The Power User's Guide To Google Chrome, 2009 Edition Google Chrome has come a long way in the past year, steadily adding subtle but useful features for power users. Let's take a fresh look at Chrome's current offerings-especially for those willing to brave its early developer builds.
  • QT Lite Frees You From QuickTime's Bloat (Windows) No one likes being bugged by Apple's Software Update Utility in Windows, but many of us deal with it because we need QuickTime to use iTunes or view the occasional video. QT Lite aims to fix that.
  • Photo Fakeout Hotel Reviews Compare Promotional Images To Reality Online hotel review service Oyster features a Photo Fakeout category in their blog that gives a reality check to hotel reviews, pitting a hotel's promotional images with actual photographs.
  • Tintii Gives A Colourful Boost To People And Objects In Your Photos (Windows/Mac/Linux) If you're a fan of photos that are desaturated save for an interesting burst of colour left behind-often a vibrant one like a yellow flower or red carpet-Tintii makes it easy to play with the technique.
  • Figure Out Which Windows 7 Edition Has The Features You Need Not everybody needs Windows 7 Ultimate, but what if there's a certain feature you must have when you grab your upgrade this Thursday? CNET breaks down each Windows 7 edition feature by feature in a handy chart.
  • Chrome Portable 3.0 Lets You Take Google's Browser Anywhere (Windows) folks who convert just about every popular application to a portable one you can carry with you on your thumb drive-have just released Google Chrome Portable 3.0, the portable version of Chrome's latest stable release.
  • Wolfram Alpha iPhone App Looks Great If You've Got $US50 To Burn (iPhone) Wolfram Alpha, the computational knowledge search engine, launched its iPhone application today. It's a nice looking app that does a lot more than simply embed the search engine in an iPhone app (it's an impressive graphing calculator and stock analysis tool, as weblog Mashable points out), but the $US50 price tag limits the audience.
  • Waver Is A Compact Google Wave Client (Adobe AIR) Waver allows you to keep a single-column view of Google Wave open on your desktop at all times from which you can read, compose, and keep an eye on what's happening in your Wave inbox.


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